InnQUIZitive is the answer for all your pub, corporate and fundraising trivia events.

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InnQUIZitive, the Big Screen Pub Trivia specialists

We are the pub trivia night specialists! Our Big Screen Trivia events have been running for over thirteen years. We run over 100 games across Australia so you know we can offer you the best trivia experience possible.

If you are a venue looking to host in-house quiz nights or a patron keen on a great night out then look no further than InnQUIZitive. Our Big Screen Trivia is both challenging and entertaining. InnQUIZitive is a great way to spend a night out with friends and family. For venues it’s a perfect way to entertain your patrons.

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We don’t bore you with stale, uninspiring questions. We offer plenty of entertainment knowledge and pop culture quirkiness as well as some of the classic trivia head scratchers!

The jackpot rounds give players the opportunity to gain bonus points on two selected rounds. Make sure you select well, this could be your chance to take out top scores!

Our Ponderous Puzzle gives you clues that get easier as the night goes on, the earlier you answer the more points for your team.

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If you are interested in running a one off InnQUIZitive Fundraising or Corporate Trivia Event we can tailor an event to suit your needs. We can put on a great night at your office, sports club, home or school.

InnQUIZitive is an all inclusive trivia event for singles, couples or groups to get together and test their knowledge on a whole range of interesting and entertaining topics. Our audio visual trivia extravaganza gives you the chance to not only answer questions but to see and hear them as well. Often our accompanying videos and soundtracks will have you dancing in your seats or laughing out loud. Each week new question categories are set up in order to keep you guessing.

Our question categories are as diverse as : Who Am I?, Old Stuff, Sport and Games, Believe It Or Not, Music, Geography and TV and Cinema.

We are unique to other trivia nights because we give you 3 ways to build your score:

    Q&A: Answer a question and score a point.

    Ponderous Puzzle: clues are given throughout the night. The earlier you come up with the answer, the higher your points.

    Joker Rounds: Pick two rounds where you feel you have the most expertise. Pick Well! These rounds will be worth double points.

If you are interested in attending an InnQUIZitive pub trivia night please check out our Find an Event page to find an event near you. If your favourite venue doesn’t run InnQUIZitive ask them to get in touch with us to arrange a weekly trivia night.


Believe it or not

The record for ‘the longest flight for a human cannonball’ is more than 50 metres.

Believe it, David “Cannonball” Smith broke the World Record in 2002 with a whopping flight of 61.25 metres. And just wait until you see the footage of a failed World Record attempt! You won’t know whether to laugh or cry!

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